Launch Developer DAO Academy

Member of the core team to release the first version of Developer DAO's web3 education site. Also contributed a lesson on automated testing of Solidity contracts.

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Visit Developer DAO Academy site.

Brian became initially active in "School of Code" in May 2022 after coming off of the "Developer DAO Pixel Devs", and "Developer DAO for Ukraine" projects. He ran through all the Ukraine Solidity and UI work with the team to help form initial lesson content based on real-world issues we ran into.

Then on August 1st, 2022 he joined the core team as co-lead engineer.

Contributions include:

  • Engaged with the community, including reviewing community PRs, being active on Discord, helping define and direct people to tasks, answering questions, clarifying processes, welcoming new people
  • Contributed code (19 PRs)
  • Wrote Lesson 4: Testing your TierNFT about Solidity automated testing
  • Helped organize GitHub, including MVP milestone, gardening issues
  • Discussed estimation, budget and bounties - t-shirt sizes
  • Helped drive meetings with agendas and scribing notes so team and community can stay in the loop
  • After launch, owned process for distributing $CODE tokens to participants, including defining process, creating form to gather info from contributors, setup Coordinape, distribute funds via Parcel