Our timeline of client and open-source projects.

  • Launch 3NUM Shield on January 24th
    Create minting application and smart contracts for launch of 3NUM Shield, the first Web3 mobile number minted as a NFT that protects your identity and provides private, secure messaging.
  • Upgrade nextjs-starter to Next.js v13
    Includes new approach for laying out Next.js projects. This version ports the v12 '/pages' approach to new experimental '/app' approach.
  • Launch POGMAN Battle Tournament on
    Create battle game website. Integrates with Unity-based game, and Fractal's wallet and leaderboard functionality. Allows players to choose a Web3 community to play for. Over 4 million Pogs flipped and 250,000 games played in the first 5 days.
  • NFT Seattle 2022
    Attend Seattle's inaugural NFT conference.
  • Launch Developer DAO Academy
    Member of the core team to release the first version of Developer DAO's web3 education site. Also contributed a lesson on automated testing of Solidity contracts.
  • Launch Pogger Coin Staking on Solana
    Integrate with Solana staking platform to allow Founding Poggers to stake their Pogs and earn Pogger coin.
  • Release create-solana-token
    Document process of creating a Solana Token and managing the token safely with multisig.
  • Launch Developer DAO for Ukraine
    Developer DAO for Ukraine is a fund-raiser to support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.
  • Pioneering Women Exhibit
    Attend Pioneering Woman opening exhibit at Seattle's NFT Museum.
  • Launch Pixel Devs
    Create Solidity contracts on Polygon to support minting avatars for members of the Developer DAO.
  • Solana Hacker House
    Attend Solana Hacker House in Seattle.